New Z6 and Z7 Nikon EVIL cameras

Nikon releases its new brand Z6 and Z7 EVIL Full Frame cameras. It is curious that one of the first accessories announced is the FTZ (F-mount To Z-mount) lens adapter providing compatibility with all its F mount existing high quality lenses. This adapter allows a flange focal distance of 46.5mm, used by Nikon for decades in their SLR camera bodies. Although a new dedicated lens series is also announced and beyond the compatibility with the existing Nikkor lenses, could the offer of the FTZ lens adapter be related with its longer Flange Focal Distance? The new camera bodies are provided with a bayonet mount with only 16mm of Flange Focal Distance. Naturally, Nikon’s explanation of this cannot be expected, because market rules prevail. May be some questions explained in the previous post would justify this FTZ lens adapter available from day one. True or not and beyond that, if the new cameras accomplish with the created expectancy, we are facing a new professional photography era.

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