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Revela’T 2017

Els propers 26, 27 i 28 de Maig es celebrarà a Vilassar de Dalt el Revela’T2017, Festival Contemporani de Fotografia Analògica. Com cada any, hi podreu trobar un munt d’exposicions, tallers i xerrades amb l’eix comú de les tècniques i … Continue reading

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Heliogravure Gallery – Landscape

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Gallery with reproductions of landscape heliogravure prints. The images have been engraved using bichromated gelatin as a resist over a copperplate. All prints are hand inked and wiped, then pulled in an etching press. In the Slide Show, click on … Continue reading

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Observing the Lateral Etching

Single or binocular loupes are often used to observe the effects of the etching on the surface of the copperplate. Depending on the kind of resin or screen used, it is sometimes difficult to view in detail what happens at … Continue reading

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A Hybrid Approach to Photogravure on Copperplate

The text and the images on this post have been published as an article in the Newsletter No4 (December 2016) from the Analogue Group of the Royal Photographic Society. Reference/Citation: MITJÀ, Carles (2016) A hybrid approach to photogravure on copperplate. … Continue reading

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Tower of Babel

Some days ago its been a discussion in Facebook about the correct word defining different printing techniques. It is a periodically recurrent discussion about the correct word to name a photogravure print, depending on the way it was generated. A … Continue reading

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