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Observing the Lateral Etching

Single or binocular loupes are often used to observe the effects of the etching on the surface of the copperplate. Depending on the kind of resin or screen used, it is sometimes difficult to view in detail what happens at … Continue reading

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Heliogravure VI – Screen Visibility

In a previous post, there has been discussed about the methods to prepare a digital screen intended for heliogravure. Although digital screens have been used with satisfying enough results, there is also a common discussion that consider the dust grain … Continue reading

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La Fotomacrografía es el apartado de la fotografía que utiliza aumentos mayores que la unidad. En óptica fotográfica, el aumento es la relación de tamaño entre la imagen y el objeto en que ésta se origina, m = I/O. Una … Continue reading

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