5ª Bienal Internacional da Gravura “Lívio Abramo”

On November 30 it will be opened the 5ª Bienal Internacional da Gravura “Lívio Abramo”. The venue is at the Casa de Cultura, Araraquara (Brasil). Have been honoured by the invitation to participate as a guest artist.

Prints “Flysch#1” and “Low tide#2” will be my contribution to this edition. Many thanks to the organizers, specially to Rita Michelutti. Congratulations also to all guest artists and Bienal participants.

 Lívio Abramo was an sketcher, printmaker and painter born in Araraquara (Brasil). Resident in Paraguay for many years, he was an internationally recognized artist.

(Click on poster or heliogravures to view enlarged versions).

Flysch#1 – Plate 20x20cm – Paper 28x38cm
Low tide#2 – Plate 16.5x23cm – Paper 28x38cm

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