First Heliogravure Print

After some troubles and a quantity of trials with Grayscale step wedges, here is my first Heliogravure image. The plate measures 145x165mm and the image 120x120mm. I have used an stochastic screen digitally designed and printed on high contrast photographic film in a Pre-press service bureau. The digital image was edited in Adobe Photoshop and printed on Pictorico OHP film with an EPSON R3000 printer. The etching sequence was 45ºBé, 43ºBé, 42ºBé, 41ºBé and 40ºBé. The etching begun after 5min in the 45ºBé solution and most of tones have been etched between 43ºBé, 42ºBé and 41ºBé. The plate was in the 40ºBé solution only for 1min. The total etching time is of 25min at 21ºC. This a proof with the step wedge still on the upper plate area. Clicking on the image you will see a life size version (only approximate and depending on the size of your screen pixels).


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