Heliogravure Gallery – “From Mind to Hands” project

Cu_29_65_Gris_96The images in this gallery are reproductions of heliogravures belonging to the long term project From Mind to Hands. This project comes from the assertion of the French geographer Béatrice Giblin who affirms that the landscape does not exist beyond the observer’s sight. From this hypothesis can be derived that landscape is a construction of the human sight and then, of his mind. In an assay about photography, Minor White wrote Losing one’s self in something, a flower, an idea, a movement, is characteristic of heightened concentration. Occasionally, in this state, a sense of oneness or union is felt, and follows in another text about the photographer’s attitude, saying Be still yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence. Minor White states in this way the idea of meditation closely linked with this individual construction of landscape. The images of this project are the consequence of some isolated moments plenty of life.

All images have been digitized from film negatives or directly taken with digital camera. The digitally edited file has been inkjet printed as a reversed positive on suited transparency material. This positive has been used to etch a copperplate following the so called Talbot-Klič method of photogravure on copperplate. Each plate has been inked, wiped and pulled by hand on paper through an etching press. At the end of the process, the print becomes a handmade landscape.

Into the Slide Show, click on the “View full size” option to see an enlarged version.

(Consultar precio / Ask for prices)

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