Displays pixel size

A recent work about the method to determine the image quality expectancy of digital imaging displays, presented at the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2011 in San Francisco, allows us to characterize the pixel shape and size of three Apple displays.

The three devices under test were the 24″ LED Apple Cinema, the MacBook Pro 15″  and the iPhone4 displays. Taking images through a photomacrography set up, we have measured the pixel pitch finding the follow results:

  • 0.271mm for the 24″ LED Apple Cinema display.
  • 0.231mm for the MacBook Pro 15″ dispaly
  • 0.078mm for the iPhone4 display.

The images showing the different pixel shape are shown below. In all cases, the device is displaying a mid grey image .

24″ LED Apple Cinema display

MacBook Pro 15″ display

iPhone4 display

The complete work about image quality expectancy can be downloaded from:


and the proceeding citation is:

Citation: Mitjà, C., Escofet, J., “LCD displays performance comparison by MTF measurement using the white noise stimulus method” in Image Quality and System Performance VIII, edited by Susan P. Farnand, Frans Gaykema, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7867 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA 2011) 78670I.

Brief Citation: Mitjà, C., Escofet, J., “LCD displays performance comparison by MTF measurement using the white noise stimulus method,” Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7867, 78670I (2011).

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11 Responses to Displays pixel size

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  2. BWJones says:

    Lovely images. I’ve updated the Retina Display entry with a link to this page.

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  6. A very detailed image you got. A great post you got. Do you have pixel for i5?

    • No Nicholas, I have’nt it. I’m just retired from my activity as an imaging researcher at University. By now, I’m swimming on other photography interests. Many thanks for your comment.

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